Andy Rocco is a Los Angeles based comedian and actor that has been at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for a long time. He's performed in countless shows, most notably on The Tony Show with Antony Atamanuik, Underground Americana, and on the legendary weekend house improv team Monkeydick

His most recent credits include a leading role in the independent feature Man Underground and Trump Vs. Bernie on Fusion. He can also been seen on the Adult Swim show Fat Guy Stuck in Internet and the Starburst commercial with the dog sticking its butt out the windowYou can also hear his voice on the interstitials on all of MC Chris's albums. 

Andy enjoys being asked and included on projects, but he loves to create his own stuff like: Teenage Vampire Killers from Hell, Betwixt and Betrothed, The Andy Rocco Show, and numerous other things! 

Outside of performing, he's also an artist and sculptor who's at least semi decent at chainsaw art. 

Fun Fact: His first paid acting job was for an industrial birth control video where he played "the pill."